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At Symms Fruit Ranch we pride ourselves in providing the best in customer service to our wholesale partners. From the field to the loading dock, our team works to offer the highest quality products that best meet the needs of your customers.  One unique feature when buying from Symms is that all of our products are grown, packed and shipped by us; giving us the ability to really control the quality for the end user. Our state-of-the-art packing and storage facilities and wide variety of packaging options allow us to ship the freshest, highest quality fruit throughout the year.  Our wide variety of packaging options allows us to be flexible to your customer’s needs.

Apples represent our largest offering with an average of over 650,000 cartons packed annually beginning in August through early spring.  We grow, pick and pack our own fruit and use the latest technology in CA storage assuring our customers the freshest apples possible.  All of our apples are graded to Washington State standards, we have USDA inspectors on site and we are GAP certified.  Symms Fruit ranch grows and ships Gala, HoneyCrisp, Jonathan, Jonagold, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Rome, Fuji, Granny Smith and Pink Lady varieties.

Symms Fruit Ranch specializes in production of  Premium Tree Ripe Peaches.  Available from early August through early-October the timing and flavor or our fruit is unique. We allow our peaches to reach peak ripeness on the tree, then carefully hand pick, pack and ship it to our customers as quickly as possible.  Our unique handling process allows the fruit to ripen longer on the tree assuring sweet, ready-to-eat fruit for your customers.  In addition we offer sweet nectarines to our wholesale customers in a variety of packaging options.

In 2017, Symms Fruit Ranch installed Unitec optical sorting equipment to provide our customers with the most consistent, highest quality sweet cherries possible. Our cherries are hand-picked, hydro-cooled and only loaded onto pre-cooled trucks to maximize quality, freshness and flavor.  We offer a wide variety of packing styles including catch weight bags and clamshells.  Each year we ship approximately 175,000 cartons of Tieton, Bing, Lapin, Rainier and Sweetheart varieties to our US and international customers and are continually planting new varieties such as Black Pearl, Ebony Pearl and Coral Champagne.

In addition to apples, peaches and cherries, Symms Fruit Ranch also grows, packs and ships apricots, plums, prunes and pears.  In addition, we offer premium yellow, white and red onions.  With new electronic sizing equipment we are able to offer consistently sized onions in bags, cartons and specialty packaging including tri-wall bin master containers.

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For more information on our products, packaging and crop timing, please view our complete sales catalog here.

We look forward to working with you on your wholesale orders.  Please contact our sales office today and allow us to help you find the Symms Fruit Ranch products that best meet your needs and those of your tree fruit and onion customers:

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