Our Products

The Fruits of Our Labor




Apples were one of the first fruits planted in 1914. Today Symms Fruit Ranch grows, packs and ships ten varieties of premium northwest apples. Apples are harvested at peak flavor from August through November and stored in state of the art cold storage facilities to be shipped throughout the fall and winter. Packing facilities that utilize the latest technology to maximize safety and preserve freshness are regularly certified by third party auditors to guarantee the quality of our apples. Symms Fruit Ranch sells premium quality apples to retailers locally, nationally and in over 30 countries around the world.

Premium Tree Ripe Peaches

Peaches are a specialty of Symms Fruit Ranch with flavor that is unsurpassed. Unlike many other peaches found at retail, Symms peaches are allowed to ripen longer on the tree which maximizes natural sugar production. Each piece of fruit is picked by hand at peak flavor, and all peaches are handled with great care to minimize bruising and maximize eating experience. Peaches harvested at Symms Fruit Ranch can often be found at local retail stores within 48 hours of harvest. Symms Fruit Ranch also produces premium quality Nectarines with unparalleled flavor that are harvested from mid-August through September. 


Cherries – dark and sweet – are harvested at Symms Fruit ranch each summer. Varieties like Bing, Lapin and Rainier are hand-picked and immediately chilled and packed before being shipped to retailers locally and across the US. Our cherries are also flown by air to international customers around the world. Warm days and cool nights maximize sugars to produce the sweetest and juiciest summer fruit. But – get them quick because Symms cherries are only available for about 4 weeks each summer season.

Other Summer Fruits

Symms Fruit Ranch also produces several other summer fruits. In July, large sweet apricots are harvested and packed for local and regional markets.  Three popular varieties of pears – Bartlett, Bosc and D’Anjou – are available August through October. And, flavorful purple plums and prunes are grown and marketed throughout September.


In addition to the wide variety of tree fruits, Symms Fruit Ranch has been producing quality onions for 20 years. Onions are grown and packed by Symms allowing them to control all aspects of production, packing and storage.  Harvest begins in October and state-of-the art packing and storage allow onions to be sold throughout the winter to retailers and processors nationwide.