Our Juicy Summer favorites



Sweet, drip-down- your-chin-juicy Symms peaches are a summer favorite. Symms Fruit Ranch’s tree ripened peaches are some of the best in the world. To meet the needs of our customers we follow a strict protocol for harvest; leaving the fruit on the tree through peak ripeness in order to maximize the natural flavors of our peaches. Many of the newer varieties are “fuzz-less” and have a very tender skin.  Premium tree-ripened yellow-flesh peaches, great for eating fresh, baking or making jam are available from early August through late September. Heirloom varieties like the Elberta are a favorite for home-canners and delivered by the truckload across Idaho from mid-August to mid-September.

White-flesh peaches are highly sought after by international customers and are shipped by air all over the world. Our higher elevation growing region helps to add additional sugars to the low acid white peach; perfecting the sweet & juicy treat. Local customers can come out to the orchard, taste different varieties, and buy just-picked peaches by the box or the pound at the “Retail Room.”

Nectarines are “cousins” of peaches. This firm, smooth-skinned fruit tastes similar to a peach and is best eaten fresh but can also be used in cobblers, pies and jams. Flavorful nectarines are available from mid-August through the end of September.

When purchasing peaches or nectarines, choose fruit that is firm, but gives slightly when pressed gently on the “shoulder” of the fruit near the stem end. If fruit is not quite ripe, put it in a paper bag, close top, and let set a day or two then test for ripeness. If peaches are peak ripeness, store in refrigerator to extend quality an extra day or two.

Use this guide to see when peaches are available:

Peaches available icon available icon