It all started on the Sunny Slope.

RA Symms left Kansas for Oregon to pursue his dream of growing fruit. Instead of the Willamette Valley, he ended up near Caldwell, Idaho – in the unique micro-climate of Sunny Slope along the Snake River. In 1914, Symms planted the first eight acres of fruit trees on his 80-acre farm. Four of the original trees are still in place bearing fruit today.

From this humble beginning, the Symms Fruit Ranch now encompasses 5,000 acres, 3,500 of which are fruit trees and vines, with 1,500 acres of row crops. Symms Fruit Ranch does not rely on outside growers for its production. Fruits and vegetables are grown on our farms, packaged in our packing house and shipped from our cold storages. Vertical integration ensures reliable quality and impeccable food safety at every step of our operation.

Quality, flavor, value and sustainability are our hallmark. We are proud to be nearing 100 years of sustained operation as growers of the highest quality fruit in the world.

<p>Symms Fruit Ranch began as an 80 acre homestead. Eight acres of fruit trees were planted in 1914. Today, Symms Fruit Ranch is a 5,500 acre diversified farm managed by the fourth generation of the Symms Family. Symms Fruit Ranch is Located in the Unique Sunny Slope area along the Snake River 35 miles west of Boise, Idaho.</p>
    <p><a href="crops.php#apples">Apples</a>, <a href="crops.php#pears">pears</a>, <a href="crops.php#cherries">cherries</a>, <a href="crops.php#peaches">peaches</a>, <a href="crops.php#nectarines">nectarines</a>, <a href="crops.php#plums">plums</a>, <a href="crops.php#grapes">wine grapes</a>, <a href="crops.php#onions">onions</a>, <a href="crops.php#potatoes">potatoes</a>, <a href="crops.php#forage">forage</a>, <a href="crops.php#seeds">seeds</a>, <a href="crops.php#grains">grains</a> and <a href="crops.php#cattle">cattle</a> are produced on the rich volcanic soil overlooking the Snake River. Our products deliver an exceptional eating experience worldwide. Symms Fruit Ranch is recognized as being one of the <strong>Top 25 Growers &amp; Shippers of apples &amp; stone fruits in the United States</strong>.</p>
    <p>Flavor and quality matter at Symms Fruit Ranch. We invite you to look at our site and learn more about us and our great produce.</p>
A collection of snapshots from the rich and bountiful history of Symms Fruit Ranch.